WhatsApp launches group video call: Here’s how you can use it

The exponential growth of WhatsApp is nothing new for the social network users, and with all this happening the users keep on asking for more and more functions. The Facebook-owned WhatsApp hit over 1.5 billion active users in a month earlier this year and during the Facebook’s F8 developer conference, it vowed to bring the group calling feature live earlier this years. Finally, the time has come as WhatsApp’s group video calling up to four-persons has been officially enabled, WhatsApp Inc. came up with this big news through the blog post.  It should be kept mentioned here that the video calling feature was live on the beta version as it was passing through the examination stages and now with things getting a go, this function is available to both the iOS and the Android users.

WhatsApp’s popularity had been booming since2016, the year when they came up with the option of video calling but a heck which was lacking them down was non-availability of the group calling option. Therefore, the WhatsApp users had to install other video calling social platforms like Skype to answer their group video-calling demand.  But this year in May, WhatsApp authorities assured the group video calling feature to go live later this year.

Now all the WhatsApp users from across the globe can actually use this feature, and what’s more to this feature is all of the calls are end-to-end encrypted like other chats on the WhatsApp. It should be noted that end-to-end encryption assures that only you and your recipient can listen to the call, not even the WhatsApp authorities can break into it.

To avail this up to four people video call feature what you all need to do is click on the add recipient option on the right side during your ongoing video call with one person.  The feature seems to be the need of the hour for the users and it seems WhatsApp would be able to get the boost in their market share as well, with all thanks to the latest group calling feature.


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