23 Year Old Pakistani Arslan Ash Became World Champion of Tekken7 at Evo 2019

Pakistanis are a great nation in all respects. The youth of the country is highly motivated especially when it comes to skills. They have proved their worth both nationally and internationally. From the world of sports to the creative arts and even in the world of science and technology they have proved that it’s not resources but the will that matters. These young enthusiasts have won several laurels in several competitions and events. They have proved to the world that they can do anything.

This year EVO 2019 witnessed the grand show of skill, technique, and enthusiasm in the Tekken 7 when the 23-year-old Arsalan Ash entered into the game arena. The world recognizes this contest as a highly prestigious one in the world of fighting games. The tournament ended in Las Vegas on Monday with an extreme show of power and intelligence.

Arsalan Ash, the 23-year-old Tekken 7 played and won against the South Korean player Knee on Sunday night. There were eight highly groomed and technically sound players fighting in the final round. They belonged to four different countries namely USA, South Korea, and Japan along with Pakistan. As per the reports among these eight Ash was the amateur player. Pakistan was represented in this awaited series after a gap of almost 8 years.

The tournament started with 1,899 players in total who were fighting hard to make their way to win the cash prize of $18,990. Arsalan Siddique popular as Ash among his counterparts in the game had surprised the competitors. He earlier won the Tekken tournament that was organized in Japan in February in the same year.

This is no doubt that it is a matter of pride and honor for the country and is evident in the fact that hard work and enthusiasm always pay the best price.

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