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Blast in Nowshera Claims 10 Injured

Pakistan has been the victim of terrorism for the last few decades. In the war of terrorism, Pakistan is the worst-hit country. The people of Pakistan have paid a heavy price of being an active promoter of peace and prosperity in the world. Khyber Pakhtun Khwah and Balochistan are the worst-hit provinces, one reason being their proximity to Afghanistan. The current government is fully motivated to fight against this disastrous situation but still, several such accidents have been reported in this regime too.

Besides the target killings in the second biggest city of KPK, Dera Ismail Khan a blast hit the famous city of Nowshera on Wednesday, 7th August. The blast claimed 10 precious lives. As per the reports from the different news agencies, the bomb went off while the security personnel were trying to diffuse the device planted.

The bomb was planted in a village close to the Nowshera city, named Azakhel Payan. On the reports of a bomb planted near the village madrassah, the police bomb disposal squad reached the location. The explosive device was planted in a cylinder. The moment the squad got closer to the explosive it went off claiming the life of 10 innocent people including the five security personnel.

The first aid services reached the venue and removed the dead bodies. The injured were shifted to the Peshawar Lady Reading Hospital. The security agencies carried out a massive search operation after the sad incidence to ensure that there are no more risks in the area. The reports say that the five martyred security personnel include Habibullah Wazir Khan, Arif Noor Habib, Naeem Khan Ghulam Muhammad, Azmat Hashmat Ali and Noorullah Noorzada.

Just a day before a blast also shook the city of Quetta. It is a hard time for Pakistan. We all hope that the government caters to the security problems threatening the country successfully.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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