Ahad Raza Mir Wins Award for Best Actor in Hamlet

Pakistan is not short of talent in any industry as people are now showcasing their talent and getting their due rewards for it. One such talented artist that we have in our country is none other than the latest heartthrob of the nation Ahad Raza Mir. The actor has hit it big in both his personal and professional life has won the Betty Michael Award for his amazing performance in theatre play Hamlet. Ahad Raza Mir won the award in the category of outstanding performance by an actor in the drama. The achievement is a big one for Ahad Raza Mir as he not only got to work in the Canadian theatre play but also won an achievement for it.

The news of Ahad winning the award was shared on Twitter by Vertigo Theatre which was then shared by the actor himself on his Instagram page so that he can share the good news with everyone. Ahad said that he wanted to do theatre and has been getting a lot of calls for it as well. And luckily for him, Hamlet worked out. And now the theatre has given Ahad one of his biggest achievement till date in his acting career.

Ahad has been doing theatre for some time before moving to the big screen and said that doing Hamlet was like going back to the basics for him. The actor has been receiving some good news lately as he recently got engaged to co-star Sajal Aly, much to the disappointment of his female fans. The news of the engagement was announced by the actors on their Instagram pages with the ceremony being kept a private affair with not many people invited in it. For Ahad Raza Mir, it looks like it is the best time of his life, both personally and professionally.

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