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Punjab Police Salaries Doubled for Coming Year

Police is one of the key departments of our country and it needs to function properly in order to ensure safety of the citizens. The Punjab Police has been the one that has not got a lot of positive support from the people as they have been unable to come to people’s aid. But now it looks as if these things are changing and a new image of the Punjab police is being brought forward. As part of those incentives the government has also decided to raise the salaries of the Punjab police which will be applicable once they are approved in the provincial budget.

The increase in the salary of Punjab police has been proposed in two different time frames. The police officials will get a raise of 100% in the next fiscal year if the increment in salary is approved in the budget. In the first phase, there will be an increment of 80% in salaries of the police officials from June 2019 to December 2019. Another 20% increment will be given to the officials from January 2020 to June 2020, making it an altogether increase of 100% in salaries that too in one year only.

The increase in the salaries of Punjab Police is a huge one and the police now has more responsibilities than ever as they look to safeguard the people of Punjab. The government has taken different initiatives to reform the Punjab police including setting up CCTV cameras for 24/7 monitoring. Apart from this, the government is working on de-politicizing the Punjab Police so that the police officials can do their basic work i.e. safeguard the people. The new changes will help to change the face of Punjab police while increment in salary will ensure that the officials are giving their best on the field.


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