Aiman Khan Upset Over Leaked BabyShower Pictures

Ever since their wedlock back in November 2018 the celebrity couple of Muneeb Butt and Aiman Khan has been a part of the news. People are always looking forward to the new happenings in their life. Initially, it was the hype over their month-long wedding celebrations and then it was there traveling for honeymoon. Their fans followed them on every forum. They were also regular in posting the happenings on Twitter and Instagram. Soon after the wedding and honeymoon season was over the news of Aiman Khan getting pregnant became widespread and it was the burning news on almost all forums.


The fan following and the comments and wishes shared by them never bothered the celebrity couple. They should delight over the love of their fans. This time things have changed. Aiman Khan is bothered by the pictures of her baby shower going public. The pictures appeared on social media and went viral soon. On Tuesday Aiman showed her unhappiness and was a little fumed over the leakage of this pics. She considers this as an act of disrespect on the part of those who have intervened in their private celebration. She has all respect for the fans but she does not want them to cross the lines. The adorable mother to be celebrity showed her anger in a recent post on social media.

Aiman was quite clear with her expressions that few things have to stay private. No one has a right to make them public even if they have got access to the material. In an Instagram story, Aiman released a statement that the ceremony was not a public thing. It was in the family event that was attended by the family members and close friends. Her words were self speaking of her grief and anger over the entire thing. She ended up her statement by saying,

“Thank you very much to whoever invaded my privacy and posted our pictures without my consent. My beautiful day ended in a bad mood. Such a shameful act, very disappointed,” she added.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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