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Indian Force in Occupied Kashmir Under Article 370

After Indo Pakistan partition. It was decided that the leadership of different states will be allowed to make a decision to join any country i.e India or Pakistan on the basis of the opinion of its citizens. Pakistan respected the decision of most of the states in this regard but India did not conform to these conditions and did forceful occupation of many states I.e jona Garh, Hyderabad daccan and Kashmir. Pakistan was shocked and disappointed by these moves specially the case Kashmir created a hostile situation from the very beginning as most of the Kashmiri citizens were in favor of joining Pakistan but also geographically it was very much connected with Pakistan instead of India.India after forcefully occupying Kashmir tried to overcome the peaceful freedom movement by exercising power and torture through its army which resulted in thousands Kashmir deaths.

Pakistan supported Kashmir morally from the beginning resulting in three indo pak wars of 1948,1965, and 1971. In 1948 Pakistan with the help of local population was able to get hold of almost half part of Kashmir commonly known as Azad Kashmir. Pakistan in the light of UN resolution gave special status to that part so that this issue will be resolved by bilateral dialogs. India also gave special status to its held part of Kashmir by article 370. But it continued atrocities through its brutal army in Kashmir. India also denied the plebiscite on which it agreed earlier.

India in past and recently has violated cease fire agreement with Pakistan and has thrown cluster bombs on the civillian population of Pakistan also it has taken away the special status of Kashmir by abolishing the article 370 in Kashmir which is like taking back the fundamental rights of Kashmir’s but also not possible technically as the resolution to abolish article 370 should be first passed by Kashmir legislative assembly. This act of violence has veiled off the true face of India internationally and is been criticized for this criminal act.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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