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Altaf Hussain MQM Founder Arrested in the UK

One of the most controversial political figures of Pakistan is none other than the Altaf Hussain. Although he is miles away from the country still he has always played a transformational role in the country. His fiery speeches have flared unrest and hatred within the country. It was because of his speeches that the peace of the country was at stake. The government of Pakistan had been trying hard to get him arrested for last few years but it seemed impossible. Back in 2016 he addressed the people of Pakistan and instigated them to ruin the infrastructure of the country. Altaf Hussain is the founder leader of the most criticized Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).

As per the press news, he was charged for the terrorism on Thursday. Later he appeared before the Southwark Police Station in London. According to the statement by the Metropolitan Police the convicted MQM founder, Altaf Hussain was charged for his terrorist activities. He was charged for delivering a speech back in 2016 that instigated the listeners who attacked important offices including the building of a local private channel.

It is for the third time that he has appeared before the police station. He was given a bail previously but it also expired three months ago. Due to this expiry, it is a must for the leader to appear before the police after the recommended duration. It was this hate speech of 2016 that had put him in the hot waters. Back in June, he was arrested on the suspicion of the fact that he is actively involved in encouraging hate, and other similar offenses under Britain’s serious Crime Act, 2007.

The inquiry going on in this regard is mainly focusing on the speech he delivered on August 2016. The Metropolitan police further added that similar hate speeches were broadcasted in the past too.

The recent decision says that the convicted leader is forbidden to use social media for sending his messages in any form. He would also not be allowed to leave the home from 12 am to 9 pm. His passport has been taken into custody as well.

Altaf Hussain has been a problem maker for Pakistan for years. The people hope that this will bring an end to the era of threat and fear for the common people.

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MQM FOUNDING LEADER ALTAF HUSSAIN CHARGED BY UK POLICE WITH TERRORISM OFFENCE OVER 2016 SPEECH . PAKISTAN MQM CHIEF ALTAF HUSSAIN CHARGED WITH TERRORISM LONDON: Altaf Hussain, founder of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has been charged with a terrorism offence in the United Kingdom on Thursday. After Altaf Hussain appeared at the Southwark Police Station in London, the Metropolitan Police issued as statement which said Altaf Hussain was charged with a terrorism offence in connection with a speech delivered in 2016.  This was his thirds appearance at the police station as it has been three months since his bail has expired. He was under an investigation into his alleged hate speech to followers in Pakistan. Hussain was arrested in June on the suspicions of intentionally encouraging or assisting offences of Britain’s Serious Crime Act, 2007. The inquiry was focused on a speech broadcast in August 2016 by an individual associated with the MQM movement in Pakistan as well as other speeches previously broadcast by the same person, said the London Metropolitan Police in a statement.

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