Good News for PayPal Users in Pakistan

The government of Pakistan is always trying to do something new. They are striving hard to uplift the condition of the people of the country. The name that hits our ears quite often while talking about online payments is that of PayPal. It is one of the most recommended ways of transferring the money but unfortunately despite the increasing number of freelancers in the country it is still not being used in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan has finally decided to make the efforts to make this online giant operative in the country. Over the past few years, there has been considerable pressure from the public side regarding the introduction of PayPal especially when most of the online freelancers require the said while dealing with foreign clients.

Pakistan has become one of the countries with the most freelancers in the world. Despite this increased number of online employees, there are few opportunities for the local freelancers to work with the reputed foreign clients and this is all because of the absence of PayPal. Hence, to resolve the issue they have to resort to the other means of transfer or they have to forget about working with good clients.

Since the growth of E-commerce PayPal has become a very popular online transaction source. It has its own system of operation. It also guarantees maximum security to the users as well.

The company had some reservations because of which the system was not introduced in Pakistan. Although the governments prior to the current one tried their best to remove these reservations but still the things could not be changed. Their efforts were futile as the heads were not happy over a few things and so they were not ready to compromise on the requirements that were not fulfilled.

On Monday the senate’s standing committee on science and technology was informed that within the next two weeks there will be a great leap in the matter regarding PayPal. The secretary of the said ministry Mr. Nasim Nawaz gave the briefing to the standing committee. He further added that the talks are at their final stages and something good is about to happen. This will be a great thing to resolve the concerns of online freelancers.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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  • Rida Hashmi on 02/03/2020

    It is the only dream left for the freelancers in Pakistan, And I hope it will be fulfilled soon enough. That would ease many problems the freelancers face everyday for payment method.


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