Anum Fayyaz Nikkah in Haram Shareef

Getting married is a dream for everyone and every individual plan to have their wedding in a dream way. But there are only a few people who opt for a simple wedding and nikkah, something that our religion Islam also asks us to do. Celebrities are often seeing going for lavish weddings with functions going on for days and weeks. But it was totally different for actress Anum Fayyaz when she got married. The actress was one of the few lucky people that had the chance of getting her nikkah done in the holy city of Makkah, something that many could dream of only.

For Anum Fayyaz, it was probably the best thing that she had her nikkah done in Haram Sharif in Makkah. Anum’s husband, Asad Anwar, is also part of the entertainment industry as the couple chose Haram Sharif as the place where they want to get done with their nikkah. It is truly a dream come true for many people as they don’t get a chance to get their nikkah done in Haram Shareef and Anum and Asad are the lucky ones to have got this thing. The nikkah of Anum Fayyaz and Asad Anwar took place in Haram Shareef on 25th November 2016 after which the couple performed Umrah.

Both the celebrities received warm wishes from their fans who also appreciated that the couple chose such a pious place for their nikkah. Though the nikkah of the couple took place in 2016, the rukhsati took place in September 2018. Anum Fayyaz has been in the entertainment industry for a long time having started her professional career back in 2011. She has worked in some of the famous dramas of Pakistani industry like Ishq Ibadat, Main Hari Piya, Ghar Ek Jannat, and others. Anum has also worked as a model in different photo shoots.



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