Mehwish Hayat in Baaji Song “Gangster Guriya”

The trends are changing in Pakistani cinemas. Gone are days of violent movies. Even traditional love stories do not exist anymore. There is a huge change in the storyline, recording and editing techniques and the most criticized choreography techniques. The actors and actresses used to put on extremely heavy makeup that made them look hilarious rather than looking glamorous. This change has become possible after the private media production companies have jumped up into the scene and the popular channels are actually supporting them in their ventures. One of the upcoming ventures that are also one of the long-awaited ones is the film named Baaji. Staring the renowned Meera, Amna Ilyas and the television heartthrob Osman Khalid Butt will be in cinemas on the 28th of June. The cinema freaks are waiting for this great film that is likely to inspire and impress with its plot and the other areas.

The music is already out and is being liked by the expected viewers. The recent one in the list is the audio and video of the song Gangster Guriya. Besides the impressive vocals, the song has the popular Mehwish Hayat dancing to the tunes. The viewers are going to enjoy her performance in the thuggish outfit, which is much different than her appearances in her previous movies. This new release from the upcoming film is added with the vocals of the popular Sunidhi Chohan.

The song is gaining popularity over the social media but at the same time, there are people who are criticizing it for being too bold. Many viewers have labeled as something that is inspired by the Indian cinema. They want to have this trend come to an end. The viewers on social media want the things to be as per our trends.

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