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10th Pakistan Achievement Awards International

Entertainment awards are organized to pay tribute to the performers who are exhibiting their skills through acting, singing and other creative ways. PAA stands for Pakistan Achievement Awards. PAA International is being organized since 2009. It is held in the UK to portray the image of Pakistan as a peaceful and loving nation. These awards are given to people from different professions such as media, art, sports, food. PAA was launched in August 2009, and now it has successfully completed its 10 years. We can observe that almost everyone is portraying a negative image of Pakistan in the entire world, so through Pakistan Achievement Awards International, those people can know what Pakistan actually is. In this award ceremony, those people are awarded who is serving Pakistan with dignity and love. This award ceremony has gained much recognition now.

The 10th Pakistan Achievement Awards International is going to commence on 18th of August 2019. The top names of Pakistan are going to attend this big event. This event will be hosted by Ayesha Sana and Ahmed Ali Butt. This award show is a gift for all those overseas Pakistanis who love their country and miss it on special occasions. 10th Pakistan Achievement Awards International is going to be held in London. Many people from the Pakistani business community participate in this event. This event is one of those events which allow overseas Pakistanis to gather at one place. This award ceremony also honors those Pakistanis who have maintained their customs and traditions in Britain and the whole of Europe.

The overseas Pakistanis are really excited for 10th Pakistan Achievement Awards International. The organizers of Pakistan Achievement Awards believe that if they keep organizing such events then no one can portray the negative image of Pakistan to the world.


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