APS Survivor Ahmad Nawaz Receives Diana Award

December 16th 2014 was probably the darkest day in the history of Pakistan when a group of terrorists stormed into Army Public School and went on a killing spree leaving hundreds of students dead and injured. Since then it has been a cleanup operation that the government and the Pakistan Army has launched against the terrorists with the operation continuing till date as well. During this time, the survivors of the APS terrorist attack have been going through a difficult time and one such survivor was Ahmad Nawaz. And today he has been awarded the Diana Award at the Parliament house in London.

Ahmad Nawaz in a tweet shared the news with the world where he wrote that he is honored to receive the Diana award which will surely increase his morale. He said that he will continue to work hard for the society and young people. Ahmad Nawaz thanked everyone for their love and support throughout this journey. The APS survivor has been giving anti-radicalization talks to people and travels around in the UK for this purpose only. The young kid also met DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor when he was in London last week on an official visit.

The Diana Award was established in the memory of the late Princess Diana where it is given out to people aged between 9 years to 25 years. The prestigious award is given to a person for their social work or any other humanitarian action. The award is an inspiration for many and a lot of people are not able to achieve it. The award will help Nawaz to continue his mission to other parts of the world as well and give him the much-needed boost as well. He said that he will continue to work towards a peaceful society.


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