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Corruption Money to be Paid even after Death: CJP

Pakistan is that one country that has suffered the most due to corruption as millions and billions of rupees have been looted with no accountability for it. The PTI led government has taken a strict stance on corruption and it seems they want to eliminate it and send people behind the bars who have been involved in corrupt practices. Not only the government the Supreme Court is now also taking actions against corruption in order to bring back the looted wealth of the country. Chief Justice of Pakistan, Asif Saeed Khan Khosa, has said that anyone who is convicted in a corruption case will have to pay the fine even after the death.

The stance taken by the Chief Justice has been quite stern with respect to corruption cases and there will be no relaxation given in it. The CJP said that people convicted in a corruption case will have to pay the fine even after they have served additional time in jail. He said that the extra time served in jail by the convicted is because of not paying the fine. The CJP was hearing a case of a cashier of Quetta’s district commissioner office where the cashier was guilty of having more assets than income. The cashier had properties worth Rs. 21.9 million which was way beyond his income.

Rather than paying the fine on the corruption that he did, the accused chose to serve two more years in prison so that he may not have to pay the fine. This is why the CJP made it clear that people will have to pay the fine even if they serve additional time in jail because the additional time will be for not paying the fine. The cashier has been directed to pay the fine of Rs. 15 million as it will not be waived.

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