Asim Azhar and Hania Amir Telefilm”Pyar Kahani”

Telefilms have become a popular trend on all the channels. It is a great choice for those who love movies and don’t find enough time to sit in the cinema for three long hours. The telefilms have all the flavor of the three-hour long movie but still, they are compact and short enough. The telefilms cover almost all topics like romance, mystery, horror, thrill, etc. Hum TV has carved its name among the pioneers and is doing a great job in promoting good stories.

Hania Amir and Asim Azhar are popular in their respective fields of entertainment. The appearance of both the stars together in a fashion show where Asim sang a heart touching number for Hania brought them into the limelight.

Both the stars wring in the telefilm in early 2020. With the title Piyar Kahani the telefilm is expected to rank at the top once it will be released. The Suno Chanda’s outclass director Ahsan Talish is pouring in his direction creativity once again in the telefilm. This has further increased the expectations of the audience.

The story will revolve around two writers. Although writing is the passion of both but the status of both is different. Hania is an established writer while on the other hand, Asim is playing the writer who is struggling hard to reach the top. The telefilm also includes great names in the world of acting like Fazeela Qazi, Qasim Khan, and Saifi Hassan.

The story is a romantic one. The audience expects a light storyline with some fun and creativity just as they had witnessed in the Suno Chanda all through the Ramzan. The team has announced that it will go on air in February. Considering the storyline and the teasers on YouTube it is expected that it will appear on the Valentine.

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