Rafia Qaseem: Pakistan’s First Female Bomb Defusing Squad Member

There is no field where women are not making a name for themselves. Even the women in Pakistan are creating a name for themselves in every field of life. Be it politics or technology or entertainment, you will find women everywhere. One place where everyone least expects a woman to be is to be a member of the bomb disposal squad, but Pakistan has a female officer who works in the bomb disposal squad and is often seen defusing bombs for the country. Rafia Qaseem is the first female bomb disposal officer of Pakistan that is breaking all the gender barriers in order to showcase that women can do anything that they want.

Rafia Qaseem’s journey to becoming a bomb disposal squad officer wasn’t an easy one as she had to go through a rigorous process before she was selected for it. She was the only woman to be selected in the list of 31 candidates to go and attend the course of Explosive Ordinance Disposal (OED) that teaches people to defuse bombs. The training taught Rafia about different explosives and the mechanism that needs to be followed in order to defuse bombs in quick time in case of any emergency.

The job of Rafia Qaseem is extremely dangerous and is filled with threats every time because one wrong move can not only take her life but also the lives of other people. But this is the challenge that she has taken in order to make history and start something that has never been done before. She also asked other women to come to join her in this mission as the police force looks to induct a complete women-based bomb defusing task force as well. Bomb disposal squads have played a key role in curbing terrorism in the country specifically in the war stuck areas of Waziristan.

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