Ayesha Omar Decides to Make Instagram Private

From the outside, it looks as if the life of being a celebrity is the best and you have all the stardom that you can wish for. You can see appreciation posts on social media and news channels but everything comes with a downside. And the freedom that people have on social media can change things around really quickly, even if you are a superstar. And this is exactly what has happened with Ayesha Omar, the famous Bulbulay actress. The model was fed up of all the online trolls that she has been receiving for her posts on Instagram where she is active most of the times.

As a result, Ayesha Omar decided to make her Instagram account private for her friends and family members only. It all started when Ayesha Omar went to Ibiza, Spain for vacations where she partied and posted pictures and videos of it on her Instagram account. The content was usually of music and DJs and parties and people were not getting any of the content and started trolling the actress for it. Ayesha Omar wrote on her Instagram story that she has deleted all her stories with the ones where there were music and DJs.

She thanked all the people for hate and announced that she will make a private Instagram account for her closed ones so that there is no negativity around. The post saw lots of support coming in from fans of Ayesha Omar as she made the surprise announcement. The actress received messages from her fans all over the world who asked her to continue so that they can be entertained. It needs to be seen what will be the next move for Ayesha but she surely is enjoying her time during her vacations right now.

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