Javeria Abbasi Talk About Mahira Khan, Adnan Sadique & Atif aslam

A thrilling controversy started when Javeria Abbasi passed some blunt comments on his colleagues. So here is the detail. During some rapid-fire round in Waseem Baddami’s show, she answered was asked some questions. One such question was “who is famous but didn’t have a melodious voice?” She said he is none other than Asif Aslam.

Another Question was who among the following is the best actor?

Faysal Qureshi, Adnan Sadiqque, Fawad Khan.

Again she replied straightforwardly. Her answer was. She never considered Adnan Sadiqque as an actor. His all the fame is because of his good look nothing more than that. All the gigs he receives is due to his personality.

Then she was asked about another leading actress that is none other than Mahira Khan. She was not positive about her too. She said that she is just a beautiful lady nothing more than that. She even passed a comment that “Who Kiun a Rahi hain?” like she did not agree on considering her as an actress.

She was there to put everything on fire. So she called Sadia Imam her Jani Dushman. Obviously, she was asked for the reason which she declined to disclose on public television. She didn’t spare Amir Liaqat by labeling him “Shoka” most person of the industry. However she said positive things about Faysal Qureshi

Such “Masala” has to be popular. So people took it in different shades. Some people were against her comments. People were defending their favorite celebrity and some were even against her being on the show. Specially Atif Aslam’s fans. However, there were some people who were agreeing to her answers.

Still, there were some sensible persons who were not in favor of such questions. According to them such questions should not be asked which cause of fire or disrespect is.

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