Humaima Malik Breaks her Silence on Abusive Marriage

Everyone has a dark past about which they are not willing to talk about. People suffer a lot and they don’t speak against it as they don’t want everyone to know about their past. However, Humaima Malik is totally different from everyone else. The actress has come forward to reveal about her abusive relationship in which she suffered in the past. The actress took to Instagram to reveal her story and also said that she regrets it that she was silent for so many years regarding her toxic relationship and she should have spoken up earlier as well to bring it to the knowledge of everyone.

The actress in a detailed Instagram post said that she was beaten, threatened, abused, and harassed in her past relationships and she is ashamed that she remained silent for all those years. She said that she was a young teenager at that time who couldn’t even share her screaming wounds with her family. She said that all those painful nights haunt her as she didn’t do anything in an abusive marriage of 3 years. This was followed up by another abusive relationship of 7 years in which all these things were repeated.

She said that while she was working in order to make a better life for my family and myself, I was continuously threatened and abused. I was beaten to death not once but many times but now I am not scared of anything. She said that she will speak about her abusive past relationships. While Humaima Malik didn’t name anyone in her Instagram post, it is certain that she is talking about actor Shamoon Abbasi when they both got married in 2010. However, due to differences, the couple divorced in 2012. The news of Humaima Malik comes right after Fatema Sohail came forward to accuse her husband Mohsin Haider of domestic violence.


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