Dua Nisar Mangi Kidnaped on Gunpoint in Karachi DHA

Karachi, the city of lights is known to be the most vibrant city of Pakistan, why, because it never sleeps. Never sleeps can mean productivity, head offices of major industries and all the sweet tempting metropolitan characteristics but not in this case. Karachi, unfortunately, has been a major hub for crimes including kidnapping, murder, theft, corruption and the list does not end. This weekend was ended with a rather unfruitful end, a kidnapping of a girl named Dua Nisar Mangi. No this is not your usual kidnapping, she was kidnapped at gunpoint and her male friend who accompanied her at the time was seriously injured by the kidnappers.

It all happened on a normal Sunday in Karachi. As per reports, sayings and information, Dua was at an open terrace restaurant when four armed men began their despicable game. She and the male friend who accompanied her were grabbing some tea before leaving the hotel. How exactly the scenario is still a mystery. Friends, family including her own sister and classmates have gathered and raised their voices to find about Dua’s whereabouts. Her male friend, Haris, was shot in the neck and immediately sent to hospital. He is in critical condition.

Such a havoc has sensed the city and its citizens to be alert and careful of their surroundings. Police and higher authorities have been alerted and are at unrest until the four criminals are found along with Dua. Public appeal through well-wishers of Dua have posted her picture all over social media platforms in case a good person is able to find her and bring her back to safety. The family of the girl abducted is not only mentally disturbed but unable to comprehend where could she be or what condition is she in.

Such is the unfortunate news to end the week with and begin the next week in undesirable pain, unrest, worry, anguish and desperation to find Dua. Her family is aggressively working towards finding her with the help of the whole nation. People from all over Pakistan have shown support and concern to Dua’s well wishers.

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A Girl Dua Nisar Mangi has been kidnapped on gun point from an open air restaurant of Karachi last night , 4 armed men…

Posted by All Pakistan Drama Page on Sunday, December 1, 2019

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