Usman Khan : Fake Suicide Terror Attack in London Bridge

London has experienced an unpleasant weekend due to the havoc created by a Pakistani origin 28-year-old, who not only impersonated wearing a suicide belt which was fake but also stabbed many individuals.

Authorities identify the 28-year-old culprit by the name of ‘’Usman Khan’’ who was not unfamiliar in terrorist themed events last year. Usman was convicted of terrorism acts previously in 2012 but released from prison last year. Prominent personalities, including Neil Basu, a top counter-terrorism police officer, confidently suggested there was clear and definite reasoning behind the unfortunate attack.

London has been experiencing an unforeseen chain of unfortunate events, which include robberies, acid attacks, and hate crimes. The higher authorities were disappointed with their decision of not being able to recognize the dangers of releasing criminals of similar nature, such as Usman. Since the dreadful incident, police bodies have practically decided to be more alert and careful for the safety of the nation.

The attack happened during daylight in busy Fishmongers’ Hall on the northern end of the London Bridge. The suspect had been attending a prison education event at the hall before launching the attack. 2 PM was the time for the dreadful attack in which the culprit who made sure to maintain an unfavorable appearance with a fake suicide belt started wandering around the area with a weapon that he used to stab multiple people. The area turned into a concoction of disaster after people panicked and fear spread in the atmosphere. The unfruitful results included two innocent people, a man and women were unfortunately killed in this horrendous incident.

Apart from definite results of the attack, such as wounded persons visiting hospitals, police vehicles, and personnel patrolling the area and far beyond, the culprit was killed by police. Such a step was not surprising as the city not only felt unsafe but also has zero-tolerance for terrorism. Although Usman was attending education through police platforms, it seemed of no effect in terms of change.

Not only has this incident shattered many who found their loved ones killed or injured, but it has also embedded immense pressure on police and security forces for tighter protection and invigilance.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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