Who would be Danish’s Mrs? “Mere Pas Tum Ho “

Nowadays, everyone waits for Saturday and 8 pm to switch on their TVs and tune to ARY Digital to watch tiny boy and his cute effort to tie Teacher and Dad together and Shahwar Chemical’s downfall.

As the episodes are progressing, the hype is being built up that if RESPONSIBLE TEACHER, Miss Hania, will become second mother of Rumi or not.

In an interview of Haute, she was asked about her role and her being petite wife of innocent man on which she said that she would be no more in drama after one or two episodes; although, she had scenes with Danish in which they would be on boat in Bangladesh but she stressed on her being SUPPORTIVE CHARACTER in this drama.

According to her words and interviewer’s questions, she did this drama because of Nadeem Baig because he requested her and secondly, he is a very well-known director which made her to do it. Similarly, in an interview, Mr. Director also said that he is very thankful to Hira Mani for being ready to play the role.

The lead actress of Do Bol further said that Shahwar’s wife will be revealed in the drama and some scenes are shot in Europe as well.

Although, Rumi’s crush said that last episodes yet to film, the interviewer disagreed and said that they are not foolish indirectly.

Meray Pass Tum Ho, currently, is the most-watched drama of this year. Since the first episode, the serial has been receiving high TRPs. Its numerous scenes and dialogues have become the source of generating more memes and funny content, especially “Do Takay ki Aurat” and the scene in which he slapped the CEO in office in front of his employees and asked Shahwar not to pressurize him to give his son to Mehwish.

The viewers were waiting for Hira Mani’s arrival in the drama and when she arrived, they were adored by her appearance and character because of dainty looks and petite nature. The drama has made viewers to sit on the edge of their sofa still because of its twists and shocks.

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