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E-Court System Launched in Pakistan

Hearing cases through video calls is something that we didn’t think would be possible five years ago. But now this has happened as the Supreme Court of Pakistan began hearing a case through video-link connectivity, the first case in the judicial history of Pakistan. The e-court system was successfully launched as Chief Justice Asif Khosa along with Justice Mazhar Alam Khan and Justice Tariq Masood held the initial proceedings of cases. The three-member jury held the cases summon from the Islamabad seat while video connectivity was in the Supreme Court Karachi Registry, a historic occasion in the judicial history of Pakistan.

Arguments were given through the video links as the three-member jury listened to cases from the Karachi Registry through video link. The Chief Justice of Pakistan remarked that this is indeed a huge occasion and a milestone has been achieved by summoning cases through video link making it easy to listen to cases that are not in the same city. He said that this video link cases will provide convenience to the people who are located in different cities and won’t have to come to the Supreme Court again and again in order to listen to their case proceedings.

The main aim of the video link proceedings is to save time and money of the people. There are people who are living in different cities and they have to pay different fares in order to reach the Supreme Court. They not only spent a lot of money on this but also waste their valuable time while doing so. By connecting through video link, time and money can be saved easily without any issue. The Chief Justice said that the courts will now be able to also reduce the backlog of cases effectively by listening to different cases through video link only.

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