Sohai Ali Abro Plays Acid Attack Victim in Surkh Chandi

Pakistani dramas are one of the best in the world and the major reason for that is these dramas depict the real-life stories or problems that are faced by a common man. One such problem that women in Pakistan have to face is the acid attack problem and how the women then have to survive for the rest of their life from this acid attack. Sohai Ali Abro is coming up with Osman Khalid Butt to showcase the story of a woman that has been a victim of acid attack and how the life of the victim changes completely after this attack in a drama serial called Surkh Chandni.

The star cast of this drama serial includes Sohai Ali Abro in the lead role along with Osman Khalid Butt, Mansha Pasha, Asad Siddiqui, Gul-e-Rana, and Lubna Aslam. It will be the first time that Mansha Pasha will be seen in a negative role in a drama serial. Surkh Chandni is produced by Dr. Ali Kazmi and Fahad Mustafa under the banner of Big Bang Entertainment. The first teaser of the drama shows how happy life is going for Sohai and Osman before the acid attack takes place.

Once the acid attack takes place, it all comes crashing down for the two and how the life of Sohai completely changes after that acid attack. The story shows that how the victims of the acid attacks are turned into social outcasts even by their own family and they are set to live their lives alone. The story portrays the real-life struggles of an acid attack victim, something that is not clearly highlighted in our society. The life of acid attack victims is not highlighted much where the victims are turned into a pariah and are left to live on their own.


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