E Sharp Released Music Video Track “O SHABANA” : Pepsi Battle of the Bands

E Sharp is a rock band from Karachi Pakistan that started as a cover band underground Karachi’s music scene but later on started creating their content originally and ‘O Shabana’ is one of their mysterious content. The band E Sharp has released two albums Bahadur Yaar Jung in 2015 and 600 Saal in 2017 both were nominated in Lux Style Awards. A huge bunch of their music videos and singles has mostly received positive reviews and loved by the nation. The members of the band E Sharp include Ahmed Zawar, Anwar Ahmed, Qumber Kazmi, Asher Minhas Damanwala, and Rajil Anthony similarly past members were Zia Zaidi and Imran Saleem.

The band respectively started their journey from their audition in Pepsi Bettle of the Bands Season 2 to them sweeping the judges off their feet in Pepsi Bettle of the Bands Season 4. Who can forget their original track performing the first time as their audition called their ‘The Anthem of Shabana’ and impressing Fawad Khan just by the title name of the track. Though along with Meesha Shafi, Fawad Khan gave them a standing ovation for the track they had performed. Now the track loved by many, the band has finally launched the official music video of the song ‘O Shabana’.

For sure there are no lies as the band explained their Track ‘O Shabana’ as fun and energetic. You can’t help along with the beat as Fawad mentioned: “Brilliantly arranged, brilliantly done.” The song a funky beat composition is a cup of tea for the most youngsters it revolves around. ‘O Shabana’s video is particularly fun to watch as it shows the sweet teenage romance of an awkward guy in love with the coolest girl around. The music is fun and tap to feet to and a play on loud volume at the next party. The music video is of vast colors and imaginary, showing the story of a schoolboy dealing with a crush of his school campus and a condition that he can’t engage in any gatherings without his gloves.

We are glad the song came in our radar back and we will be adding this track ‘O Shabana’ immediately in our playlists!

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