Hareem Shah Denies Having Any Twitter Account & Leaking Video of Shaheen Afridi

This week has been a rough one on Twitter trends, from the Fortuner on Lahore-Islamabad Highway to Rabi Peerzada scandal and now Hareem Shah and Shaheen Afridi. Where Tiktok muser and an influencer Hareem Shah denies having any twitter account and releasing inappropriate videos of Shaheen Afridi. Shaheen Afridi is a young Pakistani Cricketer who plays as a fast bowler for Pakistan National Cricket Team.

Recently, on twitter, someone claimed to be Tiktok influencer Hareem Shah, leaked a private professed video of fast-bowler Shaheen Afridi although the account has been suspended now. The internet is on fire and people began to slip on different statements and conclusions regarding the video as well as the identity of the video-picture. The account also tweeted that politicians were next on the list and literally with no time the hashtags #ShaheenAfridi and #HareemShah were on top trendings of Twitter. But the news gets interesting right there when Hareem Shah and her fellow Tiktok star Sandal Khattak came up personally to clear the controversy and confirmed that they do not use any Twitter or Facebook account. They just use Instagram and Tiktok, other than these two accounts any other account on these platforms is fake ones which left people confused and in despair! Both accounts are fake and mishandled by someone else.

This scandal raised so many questions about privacy concerns and whatnot about the leaked video of Cricketer Shaheen Afridi. So many comparisons were made with the Rabi Peerzada’s private leaked videos just a day ago and a lot of victim-blaming Shaheen Afridi as well as Rabi Peerzada.

Many people are taking it as a joke or roasting them while some are supporting and taking serious notes on this controversy as it is such a sensitive content. Some think anyone is trying to end Shaheen Afridi’s career by defaming him, supporting him as he is a young immature boy and maybe he will learn from his mistakes for the betterment of his future and life and his career.

We shouldn’t judge anyone on such serious controversies and make quick statements about them. Everyone has their privacy which needs to be stay private, just LET THAT SINK IN!

Hareem Shah Denies Leaking Video of Shaheen Afridi:

Arooj Ahmed
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