Hum TV Drama Serial choti choti baatein

A once renowned actress Angeline Malik is now producing and directing some great plays. Her name stands out among the great drama artists of the times who have taken up the challenge to show the society the real face of the problems prevailing in recent times. Once again she has taken up the task of showing the people that the things we ignore just because they don’t mean a great can actually change the entire outlook of the society. Taking up this theme Angeline has come up with a drama series Choti Choti Batein.

Hum TV Drama serial choti choti baatein Story:

This is going to be a series of certain short stories. The first of this series was telecasted on the10th of March 2019. Angeline is also the mastermind behind the nationally acclaimed movement called Inkaar karo. The initial details state that there will be four different series. Each of these will have a few numbers of episodes. It is through this series that the writers, producer and the director want to tell the world that in this life short there is no room for worrying about life. It is better to think positive and ignore the minor confrontations to make life really happy. Life is not just misery and tears sometimes we make it look this way just because of the war of the egos. It is this ego that makes the life look cursed.

The plays have an interesting storyline. The series is expected to leave a positive message for the society where just minor problems challenge the peace and happiness of life. The solution of most of these rests in our own hands.

Hum TV Drama serial choti choti baatein cast:

Writer: various

Director: Angeline Malik

Cast: Zahid Khan, Yumna Zaidi, Farah Shah, Nida Mumtaz, Khalid Anum, Ushna Shah, Mohsin Abbas, Hina Dilpazeer

Hum TV Drama serial choti choti baatein Teaser:

YouTube video
YouTube video

Hum TV Drama serial choti choti baatein OST:

YouTube video

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