Hum TV Drama Serial “Mere Humdum” Cast, Story & OST

Mere Humdam is a new play that started on the Hum TV on 26th January 2019. Thus, making it a star-packed entertainment of this New Year. This star-studded play is likely to hit the ranking chart soon. The audience has thoroughly enjoyed the story dealing with the marital problems that include the popular names like Syed Jibran, Sarah Khan and Gohar Mumtaz. The play reveals the extraordinary creative skills of the director Haseeb Ali who has done a great job in transforming the script into a screen wonder.

Hum TV Drama Serial “Mere Humdum” Story:

The plot is not very new. It also highlights the extramarital affairs that are presented on the screen in a number of plays. There is an interesting twist because there is a love triangle on one hand and an extramarital relation on the other. This adds a little uniqueness to the story.

The play revolves around a simple girl called Warda. It is played by the charming Sarah Khan, who by the chance of fate gets married to the son of her boss. This young easy going lad Haris played by Gohar Mumtaz is already in an affair with another girl and intends to marry her. The story takes an interesting turn when Warda’s colleague played by Jibran falls in with her. Haris grandmother is too keen to have a successor of his family. In order to bring the lady of her dreams to home, Haris plays a vicious game by telling his granny that Warda is infertile.

Hum TV Drama Serial “Mere Humdum” Cast:

Cast: Syed Jibran, Gohar Mumtaz, Sarah Khan, Marshal Tariq Khan, Natalia Owais, Nida Mumtaz, Humaira Bano, Fazila Qazi, Khalid Bin Shaheen, Jahan Ara others.

Director: Haseeb Ali

Writer: Seema Munaf

Producer: Momina Duraid under the Momina Duraid productions

Schedule: The play goes on air at 8 in the evening on Tuesday.

Hum TV Drama Serial “Mere Humdum” OST:

YouTube video

Hum TV Drama Serial Mere Humdum Teaser:

YouTube video

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