Mohsin Abbas will no longer be a part of “Mazaaq Raat”

Mohsin Abbas Haider’s journey in the world of entertainment began with his musical talent but then he was seen in a number of dramas followed by some impressive works in the Lollywood movies too like the Namaloom Afrad. This popular artist is in hot water these days. He is being criticized for the allegations from his wife. His wife Fatima Sohail earlier this week in a social media post came up with the images that showed her all covered with bruises. According to her, the blue-black skin was actually because of the domestic violence started by her husband Mohsin Abbas. She had added that all this happened last year when she was carrying Mohsin’s baby in her womb. She had further added that he even did not even bother to take care of his newborn.

The news received a great deal of public attention. People from all walks of life were surprised by this news. Bitter criticism spread all over the country. The things got really worse when some of the celebrities became the witness to the entire situation. Mohsin Abbas even had a press conference to clarify but it was countered by another press conference from Fatima Sohail.

Considering all ties controversy Duniya news has decided to remove Mohsin Abbas from the show Mazaqrat. It is important to mention that it is the show that helped him bag the fame that many DJ’s are looking for. According to the reports, the controversy has become a menace for his career. Although there is no confirmed statement from the channel owners there is some news in the air regarding his removal from the show.


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