Imam Ul Haq Apologises for his Online Scandals

Well this is the season of abuse, leaking personal affairs, threats, and #metoo. So everyone from musician to actor to vlogger to cricketer all are involving in this dirty game. It was the platform of twitter where screenshots of Imam ul Haq s chat were leaked. So after leaking, the whole twitter in Pakistan was flooded with the hashtag of metoo and Imamulhaq. The popularity can be guessed with the fact that it was top trend in Pakistan with over 12.3K tweets. As one of the tweets blames Imam Ul Haq to keep 7 to 8 girlfriends at a time. The tweet further adds that he used to lie and say that he is single whenever asked.

Everyone will be curious about the reaction of Imam ul Haq. PCB was silent in this matter. According to PCB official, this is a personal matter of Imam ul Haq and that PCB has nothing to say in this regard.

Imam Ul Haq apologizes for his Online Scandals. People also suspect that girl being fake. As the girl keeps on changing her Username on twitter which makes her suspicious. Apparently, the girl was posting them on behalf of another girl. The girl said that she would share more if the victim wants to.

People here show different comments. Some people blame Imam ul Haq. While other people consider the girl and Imam Ul Haq are on the same pitch and everything happened with the will of girl. Some people even rejected this story under #metoo.

People nowadays found their ways of amusement. So they created some very interesting memes. Some people also disgrace Imam ul Haq being able to love

YouTube video
YouTube video
Arooj Ahmed
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