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It is very difficult to carve your name among the top stars in the entertainment industry. The list of stars is rapidly increasing. The essential to making a place in this list is not just looks and appearance but also the performance. Many intended actors join the field but it is not essential that they stay. We have seen so many faces appearing in one or two plays and they are completely forgotten. Despite this, some names well fit the notion that states, “He came, he saw and he conquered.” The industry has many such names like Fawad Khan. With every passing time, we saw amazing actors coming up on the screen. One name that has become the sign of success for any drama is that of Imran Ashraf. Although the professional age is not much whatever role he has played is immensely appreciated by the audience.

Imran Ashraf was born in Peshawar in 1989. He received his early education in Abbottabad from the Modernage Educational Institute. The acting was his passion for long. He had the traits which helped him make his place when the audience had fallen in love with names like Fawad Khan.

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The first appearance in 2011 in the popular play of the times, Wafa Kaisi Kahan Ka Ishq. Since then he just keeps excelling. He not just acted but also attempted his skills in the script writing. The results were amazing as seen on screen in the form of Tabeer.

Imran Ashraf’s recent play on Hum TV titled Ranjha Ranjha Kar Di is the proof that Imran has something which others do not. His extraordinary performance as bhoola reveals that he can mold himself according to the character. Once on the screen it seems that the role was actually written for him. The other plays running include inkaar and jaal.

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