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KPK Government Law Against Wall-Chalking, Loud Music & other

News laws are being made in order to ensure that the overall law and order situation in the country remains safe. Apart from making laws in the National Assembly, the PTI government in Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa is also making efforts to improve the overall security situation in the province. Apart from the security concerns that exist, the government of KP has decided to come up with measures that can help people protect from the daily problems that people face. As a result, a new law has been introduced in the province that is against wall-chalking, loud music, and other activities.

The Information Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa said that the new law is being brought forward in order to punish the people heavily who are involved in doing all these activities. As part of this law, people who are involved in listening to music in loud voice, abusing, keeping dangerous animals unlocked, making illegal speed breakers, and doing wall chalking will be penalized heavily. People who will be responsible for damaging the water pipeline will be penalized by Rs. 50,000. People who will be responsible for damaging the footpaths, roads and other things like these will be penalized Rs. 35,000 under the new law.

People who will not be able to dispose and building material will also be fined a hefty Rs. 25,000 for the conduct. If anyone is found constructing an illegal speed breaker, they will be fined Rs. 20,000 as well. Apart from this, people listening to loud music or abusing in public will be fined Rs. 3,000 while the display of immoral advertisement will now also result in a fine of Rs. 5,000. There are other small fines as well that the government has imposed in a bid to ensure that people start to follow these things regularly and don’t get a fine for themselves.


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