Pakistan Wins Big at the World Memory Sports Championship UK 2019


Pakistan has got some amazing people with some amazing talent. Not only talent but Pakistan is blessed to have intelligent and hardworking people who can take on the world. And this is exactly what students of the Institute of Human Memory Development did in the recently concluded 2019 UK Open Championship that is organized by the World Memory Sports Council. The Pakistani students in the championship won 5 medals where back-to-back competitions were held for mind mapping, speed reading, and memory championship. The Pakistani students won 3 gold medals, 1 silver medal, and 1 bronze medal during the event.


This was indeed a proud moment for Pakistan as the team made a big name for themselves and their country on a big stage with other international contestants as well. In total there were a total of 13 different teams that were participating in the tournament which included teams from other countries like India, Spain, China, Germany, Turkey, Australia, and others. The trip for the students was sponsored by Consultants for our Future World with the 5 Pakistani students making a name for themselves. The students got their training for the event at the Institute of Human Memory Development prior to the start of the event.

The winners of the 2019 UK Open Championship were as follows:

  • Gold Medal Names and Faces Discipline – Kisa Zehra
  • Gold Medal Open Speed Reading Champion – Kisa Zehra
  • Gold Medal Open Junior Memory Champion – Nabeel Hasan
  • Silver Medal Mind Mapping Championship – Kisa Zehra
  • Bronze Medal Mind Mapping Championship – Nabeel Hasan
  • Promotion to Level 3 Arbiter – Sania Alam

The achievements of these individuals are second to none as they played with a high intellect level to win the competition. Mind sports are those sports where the intellectual ability of a person is measured the most as compared to physical ability.

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