Durust Dam (Exact Price) App for Price Control

Price control is a serious problem in the country for years. The shopkeepers seek more profit than what they actually have to earn. This desire compels them to raise prices. The customers have always felt the inconvenience as the rates fluctuate with every passing day. The matter is of serious concern and needs to be dealt with on serious grounds. Efforts were always done in this regard to keep a close check on the prices but the things hardly turned out to be fruitful. The prices of commodities that increase unchecked on a regular basis include vegetables, fruits, and daily groceries. It is a real burden for the ones with limited financial resources. The price escalation is a great challenge in making the proper budget. In the current scenario, an integral step is taken by the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad Muhammad Shafqat Hamza.

On Thursday the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration has announced a revolutionary step. This includes an announcement regarding the launch of a mobile app. This is a specialized app to check the unnecessary increase in costs as well as the profit earned by the shopkeepers. The announcement was made by the Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Muhammad Shafqat Hamza. In his Twitter statement, he mentioned that with the collaboration of the National Information Technology the Islamabad Capital Territory administration will launch a cost control app with the name Durust Dam. As the name indicates the purpose is to keep a close check on the rates and facilitate the people.

The key features of the app include updating the prices of the commodities in daily use. The App will include the price change on a regular basis. The updates date of the daily commodities will instantly appear on the app so that before going to the market the consumer is aware of the prices settled by the government. The citizen portal was previously being used to launch the complaint against those who are earning out of unnecessary profits. It was through the citizen portal that the citizens wanted the urgent redressal of the matter. The administration is sure that this app will help the citizens more. To benefit further the price magistrates will be appointed to monitor the happenings.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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