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No Helmet No Bike Ride for Motorcycles Policy in Karachi

Riding a motorbike is always a thrill. People love to show their expertise while on the motorbike seat. They would love to rush on the roads with high speeds and show their courage with the one wheeling act. The scariest thing above all is not wearing the protective gears while on the bike. Even the helmet is not considered significant. This has often resulted in life claiming accidents. A number of people lost their precious lives in motorbike accidents. In order to prevent this government at both central and the provincial levels have introduced a number of revolutionary steps. One of these is to ensure that the motorbike riders are wearing the helmets. The helmet is the guarantee to minimize the chances of the worst accidents.

A similar effort was initiated in the Karachi, the provincial capital of the most densely populated city of Sindh. The program was titled as, “No Helmet, No ride policy.”

On the early days of the campaign, it was made clear by the officials that the purpose of the campaign is not to scare way the riders but to learn to stay safe. Life is precious and the riders have to realize this. By not raring the helmet you are actually not saving the money but actually putting yourself in a serious problem. The campaign was started in the city from the 1st of July. It was made clear that those violating the rules will be fined for the negligence and will be deprived of their motorbikes. In order to facilitate the biker’s small camps were set up all through the city so that the bikers can easily buy the helmets.

Under this campaign, the police officials have claimed that they have challenged a total of 7471 motorbikes and they have taken 4,566 have been taken into custody.

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