Mohafiz app for Missing Children Launched by Child Welfare Department of Punjab

Children are considered to the followers of this world. Without flowers, this world will lose its beauty. One can hardly imagine life without flowers so it is the duty of the people to protect what they are obliged to do. Unfortunately, there is very little done by the government specially in the scenario of Pakistan. The most prevailing issue for children in Pakistan is that many children are kidnapped, abused and used as forced labor which is an alarming situation.

If a child is kidnapped thier are very few chances that the child will be recovered in peace. One such example of this is the murder case of Zainab in which after several days the law enforcement agencies were only able to recover her dead body. Now to reduce missing child cases the child welfare department of Punjab has recently developed an app on the name of Muhafiz to help the parents of the children to find their children along with that it will also enable the other people to file a complaint if they found any victims in case of child’s.

The most important thing is that whether the app is monitored properly as many people claimed that on apps of their law enforcement agencies the response is not very quick and usually they were not get benefitted out of it. But another feature in this app is quite applauded by the general public which is one can search the database of the missing child’s along with their pictures enabling them to search their children also they can enter the credentials of the missing child. These types of apps are being used in advanced countries. We are late but is said that it is better late than never suggestions are also underway to link this app with mass media channels, police stations, less on airports and railway stations to make this app more beneficial. Let’s hope this step will prove to be a breaking step in the field of child development in Punjab.

Download Mohafiz App:

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Arooj Ahmed
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