Muhammad Bilal wins ACBS 10-Red championship

Pakistan has a fertile soil not just in terms of the natural resources but also regarding the manpower and human assets. We have seen people reaching the highest peaks, hoisting the flag in the frozen polar regions, flying above the most dangerous air routes and much more.  These courageous people dare to do anything to reach their goals.

Sports and games are a passion for people. Although all the sports are not getting the due attention like cricket still the Pakistani players are committed to carving their name among the top rankers in different games. Snooker is one such game in which the Pakistani players have built a reputation in the world. It is not just hitting the balls on the table but a game of both precision and technique.

The most recent event in this context is the 6 red ball snooker championship organized by the collaborative efforts of the Qatar Billiard and Snooker Federation and the IBSF. It is the 1st snooker championship that is going on in Qatar since 9th January. Pakistan is represented by the snooker stars Muhammad Bilal and Majid Ali. 32 players participated in this great tournament. The two Pakistanis representing the country became popular after the last years’ 6 red championships.

Both the participants left the country with great hope, and now there is good news for the snooker lovers in Pakistan. Muhammad Bilal, the runner up of the Asian 6 red snooker championship has made it into the semi-finals after a   tough quarter-final. Bilal hopes to bring home the gold of happiness. It is a moment of celebration for the nation and the family of Muhammad Bilal. The nation wishes him all the best for the Finals and the other future events to come. He has endless opportunities to bring pride and honor for his country if he keeps exploiting his God gifted talent.

Pakistan win four medals in Asian 6-Red Snooker Championship


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