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Murad Saeed Hasn’t Take a Single Rupee from Government Yet

Ever since the PTI government has come to power, they have been trying to cut down the expenses of every ministry, PM House, President House, and everywhere else. The government has been trying to cut down these expenses so that the tax payer’s money can be used at better places for developmental work. And Minister for Communication Murad Saeed looks to top the list in this regard where he hasn’t taken a single rupee from the government expense for his ministry but in return has given it back to the government. Murad Saeed is regarded as one of the most hardworking ministers and he is certainly proving his worth out.

It is reported that Murad Saeed didn’t take a single penny from the government but in return increased the revenue earned by his ministry by 51% in just 11 months of being in charge of the Communications Ministry. This is the first time that any minister has not to spend a single rupee from the government and has increased the revenue as well. The increase in revenue has been remarkable by Murad Saeed as postal services have picked up the pace. Murad Saeed also criticized the previous governments of how they used to spend extravagant money on their tours and other expenditure.

Murad Saeed revealed that Yousaf Raza Gillani spent Rs. 245 million on five camp offices while Asif Zardari spent Rs 3.164 billion for security arrangements from 2013 to 2018 when he was not even the President. Murad Saeed said that former PM Nawaz Shareef spent $460,000 on his single visit to the USA while an additional 327,000 pounds were spent on his treatment in the UK. Shahbaz Shareef was also accused of extravagant spending where he spent Rs. 8.7 billion on his security when he was the Chief Minister of Punjab.


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