Hunza Valley First Five Star Hotel for Tourists

Hunza is one of the most beautiful places not only in Pakistan but in the world as well. The natural beauty of the areas speaks volumes and attracts people from all over the world. This is why people prefer to go to Hunza valley for vacations as it is beautiful and calm and serene. In Hunza, the main problem that a lot of people used to face was that there were no proper hotels available that can have all the facilities that are available in five-star hotels. But now that wait is also over as Luxus Hunza Hotel has been inaugurated and is functional for people.

The new five-star restaurant in Hunza is near the famous Attabad Lake which makes it a perfect spot for travelers to stay. The new hotel offers all the best services that anyone would want to have in a five-story hotel in order to make their travel complete. The Luxus Hunza hotel provides the customers with a memorable experience through which they will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. The hotel has got all the services including luxurious suites, pools, and other facilities that are available in a hotel. The hotel has been inaugurated and people are already giving a very good response to the service and hospitality of the hotel.

Both domestic and international tourists are enjoying their time in the hotel as it has got some stunning view from the rooms and suites which will keep you amazed for hours. While the Luxus Hunza has got all the facilities, it certainly doesn’t come cheap. The hotel charges a hefty Rs. 18,000 per day rent which is quite a lot as compared to the other hotels in Hunza. But the services that are been offered and the breathtaking view is worth every penny.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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