Namira Salim to Fly Into the Space – First Pakistani to do it

Things are rapidly changing. There is no distinction between gender now when we talk of professions and passions. We can see women rolling the bikes, flying the jets, swimming deep, hiking the highest peaks and even conquering the frozen poles in the North and the South. Namira Saleem is a Pakistani by birth but spent most of her life in the United Arab Emirates. Later the family moved to France and since then they are living there for decades. Namira Saleem was always an adventurous soul. She wanted to explore the world around her and see the happenings of nature closely. She was only en she moved ahead to make her dreams come true. Then there was no returning back. She went to the poles and also received the highest civilian award Nishan e Imtiaz from the President Asif Ali Zardari.

After such a successful career she now awaits to fly into space, thus becoming the first Pakistani woman to conquer the deep space. She says that it was her childhood dream to become an astronaut. She is among the 100 lucky tourists who will have the opportunity to fly into space with the first-ever commercial space liner Virgin Galactic. She was chosen for this journey back in 2005. She was later trained at the NASTAR center in the United States. Namira has the $200,000 ticket to enjoy the suborbital flight. She is also among the minds that came up with the idea of this flight.

We hope that with this expedition Nimra will not just bag fame for herself but will also bring a good name for her country and family too. This will break away the prejudiced thought of the world regarding the status of women in Islam.

We all wish this young lady a great flight.

Meet the first Pakistani to travel into space:

Namira Salim-First Pakistani astronaut

Meet the first Pakistani to travel into space!

Posted by Paper Plane on Monday, February 19, 2018


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