Saniya Shamshad Wedding Pictures – Mayon Mehndi and Barat Album

Celebrity’s life is not a secret. Once they appear on the screen they become a people entity. People want to know and learn about their lives. They keep looking for the happenings in their lives. Thus a relationship builds between the people and the stars of the screen. With the advent of social media, things have become easier. People follow their stars on facebook, integral and twitter. The stars also love to keep their fans updated. Hence, from proposal to engagement to weddings to the arrival of a new life all is there on social media. The stars post all pics and videos on their accounts, thus the fans feel a part of their life. One of the recent events that have become really popular in the last few days is the wedding of Saniya Shamshad. This cute baby faced actress has become a household name in just a few years.

Although after the release of her mehndi pics her husband was trolled but after her wedding images appeared the people forgot what he mismatched couple. The beautiful actress looked even more gorgeous in her heavily embroidered bridal outfit. The red color brought out the bridal innocence of Saniya. The dress was designed by Samara Couture House. The looks were furthered by the makeover done by Hafsa Khan. Each color accentuated her looks. The event was captured by S.S. Photography.

Saniya had acted as a bride in a number of plays but now is the turning point in her life. She has become a real-life bride. Her eyes were shining with the dreams of a happy life. The fans in Pakistan and abroad who have always admired her wish her a happy married life ahead. The screen princess has found her dream prince. May they live happily ever after.

Saniya Shamshad Wedding Pictures


Saniya Shamshad Mayon Pictures:

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