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National Internship Program for Young Graduates

Prime Minister Youth Affairs Programme (PMYA) has planned to start National Internship Programme for fresh graduates in the country.

For years the young Pakistanis have been facing the disappointment of joblessness. The number of degree holders is rapidly increasing but the number of jobs is not increasing accordingly. This causes a great deal of frustration. It was this joblessness that forced many youths to take up the wrong track by joining some extremist group. The current government holds the notion of being the government of youth. PTI is the political party that had the most supporters from the youth, hence soon after coming into the government, they came up with several plans. They also promised to improve the internship program already running in the country for the fresh graduates.

According to a news report by the national broadcasting agency the Prime Minister Youth Affairs Program has come up with a revolutionary program for the fresh graduates. The major objective of this entire program is to open new arenas for the youth who are seeking a good job soon after completing their degree. They will be able to join the internship in any private or public organization and all this will be done on the merit.

In this way, the government hopes to answer many problems associated with the financial and economic sector of the country. The first step was taken in the month of February when the government launched an innovative employment idea through the Kamyab Jawan Program. This was a joint venture with the Small and medium enterprise’s development authority and it is expected to create more than one million jobs for the upcoming youth.

In this context, the SMED was given the task to look for the best opportunities available in the country for the youth. They would do this analysis in both the national and the international markets and will come up with the list of the best job options. The PM’s youth affairs department believes that the youth is the backbone of the country and they would be doing the best to reach this goal.

Official Website: http://nip.gov.pk/


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