Waqar Zaka to Launch Tehreek e Tech Movement

Waqar Zaka is a popular name in Pakistan. He is always active in the tasks for the good of society. He thinks high of the government and is open for good suggestions. The current statement of the celebrity has enthralled the people with his statement in which he quoted that the Khan government must take up the task of initiating the crypto currency. He intends to launch an innovative movement with the title Tehreek e Tech movement. The movement will highlight the role of social media in earning the money the nation requires to get rid of the debts. He has declared that he can help the government earn a handsome amount of 4 billion dollars in merely six months. He also added further that he would stop appearing on any media network if he fails to fulfill his promise.

Waqar a graduate from NED University. He gained popularity after appearing in different TV shows. His visit to Syria and Burma gained him further fame. He believes that these visits turned out to be a turning point in his life. These visits brought home inspiration to help the people in grief.

In a recent morning show on a private channel, he emphasized that the solution to the problems f this country rest in the education and especially the education of science and technology. This will pave the way to a prosperous Pakistan. He believes that there are reservations about the cryptocurrency but it is beneficial in a number of ways. He suggested the Prime Minister that he loves the youth and so he can bring a huge difference by bringing together the great minds of the renowned universities to have a personal cryptocurrency for the country. Once they will have their own currency the things will start improving.

He also said that he does not just want to curb the financial losses but also wants to have a better education system. The role of religious leaders is very essential.

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