Nigaar Johar Khan: Pakistan’s 3rd Woman Major General

Army is that one institution where it is believed that men are the ones to hold all the major positions. But that is not true as women are contributing to the armed forces in the same way as the men are doing it. The prime example of this is Major General Nigaar Johar Khan who is the third women in the history of Pakistan to hold the rank of Major General in Pakistan Army. The news of Nigaar Khan being the Major General in Pakistan Army was announced by Minister of Human Rights Shireen Mazari on Twitter on Tuesday.

Nigaar Johar Khan has been serving as Major General in the Pakistan Army since 2017 and Shireen Mazari highlighted her in her tweet saying that she is a symbol of women empowerment. In a country where women are deprived of basic rights and are not allowed to work, Nigaar Johar Khan has defied all the odds by joining Pakistan Army and serving as Major General in the Army. Shireen Mazari in her tweet said that Nigaar is the third women to hold this rank in Pakistan Army. Nigaar is a two-star general in the Pakistan Army’s Medical Corps. She is serving as a doctor and is also a sharp shooter as well with great vision.

Member National Assembly Wajiha Qamar tweeted that Nigaar Khan hails from a Pashtun family in Swabi. She also added that serving as a Major General in Pakistan Army shows that there is gender equality in forces and anyone can excel irrespective of their gender. Women like Nigaar Johar Khan are the real pride of Pakistan who has achieved so much that a lot of people are not able to achieve that too in a place where a lot of men even fail to qualify.


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