Ali Saleem, Back with Another Controversy

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 20/06/2019)

The name Ali Saleem is associated with media. The name that was associated with the unique performs gradually became controversial due to the unusual characters and statements. Ali Saleem started his career with the popular character of Begum Nawazish Ali. This bold and beautiful character created a set of controversies. Ali Saleem then disappeared from the screen and early this year when people were waiting for his comeback, he actually returned but not with something productive but in fact something really controversial and heart-wrenching. The video message by Ali Saleem opened with powerful words that were strong enough to catch the attention of the viewers.

Following this message he revealed something really shocking about the Pakistan army and the intelligence agencies. It was a really shocking thing on his part. There is no doubt that this one person has already been associated with several controversies but this one is really something very serious as it arises a question on the integrity and the stature of the institutions that are meant for the national integrity and solidarity. This facebook video tells the story in the words of Ali Saleem the army men consumed drugs and at the age of 8, he got molested by one of the officials.

This video received multiple reactions. People criticized him for being so aggressive and vocal against the national interests. At the same time, the social activist Waqar Zaka launched a movement through YouTube to secure Ali Saleem. He believes that he is about to die and needs help. When on one hand the people are considering him as a threat for the national interests, Waqar Zaka is sympathizing him for the weak state of mind and the insecurity. He is constantly emphasizing that the people must listen to what he has said on social media very carefully to ensure that the things get clear in our minds.

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