Nimra Khan Speaks out for Nausheen Shah

Recently, the actress and model, Nausheen Shah, got a little injury on the leg because of the twisting of the leg. The model was standing in the audience section beside the ramp. She walked to the ramp with the help of and support of a helper to hug Iffat Omer. It was reported from the audience, the two had kissed each other on lips.

This video of the HUM model show went viral on the internet and public figure faced negative comments and remarks. There were comments that Nausheen Shah was drunk or she had kissed on lips to get publicity. Therefore, her friend- Nimra Khan, made a video on Instagram in support of her.

According to Bhaagi and Bhool’s actress, her friend is not involved in drugs. She further said that Miss Nausheen prays five times a day daily. According to the video and her statement, everything seen from the lens of the camera is not believable. She said that actors read comments on their pictures and these negative comments upset them. She requested them if they cannot think good nice of them then at least do not post something hurting.

In the beginning of the video, she pointed out that the thinking of the normal public who commented in very cheap as they think that the best way to gain publicity is to kiss on lips in front of cameras.

However, Nimra did not speak something that could upset anyone, people did not like her words. They said that she was giving a lecture on social media instead of accepting the fault of her friend to whom she knows very well for a long time in this field.

According to Nimra, Nausheen is well now and injury is not so severe. She also said that she had seven surgeries of leg.

With the rise of technology and social media, video get viral easily due to which huge masses get a chance to see them and comment on them. Majority of them post negative comments which could affect anyone. Thus, there is need to educated public about digital literacy so that people can behave in their limits.

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