Tik Tok Star Hareem Shah- Another #Me Too

Hareem Shah famous Tik Tok star of Pakistan who is famous for making a video in Foreign Office which went viral. However, there is another video of her which is seen by huge masses that saddened all of us.

In the recent video, she posted on Twitter, it was shown that she was harassed in an event by men who were standing behind her and grabbing or holding her to take pictures with the star. The video could show how she was trying to avoid them.

According to Hareem, she even removed the hand of one guy and moved forward.

It was not the only case that has come in limelight. There are many other cases as well. One of them was of Meesha Shafi who was harassed by Ali Zafar, a famous Pakistani singer, but her plea was rejected or in other words, Mr. Ali won the case at Lahore Court.

Similarly, there are hundreds of women and girls who are harassed and touched without their consent on roads or at public transport or public places (like gardens and parks) but no one is there to punish them.

Although there are so many reported and unreported cases, the country does not have any legislation or rule or punishment or code of conduct regarding sexual harassment outside offices or workplaces.

In fact, in a recent article by Dawn, it was found out that our language does not have any word for rape. It had zina but it does not mean rape directly.

Hareem Shah is well known Pakistani Tik Toker who has more than 1.5 million followers. The public figure has made a video with several political personalities that has the inclusion of Fayyaz Ul Hassan Chohan, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s politician and Punjab minister.

The star had even visted Ministry of Foreign Office and made video at the waiting section on which the official committee asked to make inquiry due to which Hareem made video and said that she went inside legally because she is a member of the ruling party.

In the same video she further said that she visited the National Assembly and no one stopped her.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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