Officials Removed for not Attending to the Complaints Registered on the Citizen Portal

The people of Pakistan had always found it difficult to reach to the administration to get their complaints noted. Due to this problem became really complicated at times. Many of the problems remained unattended and unresolved. The dissatisfaction regarding the public institutions was increasing day by day. It was very important to build up a strong communication between the people and the officials answering the problems. Most of the problems remained unresolved because the officials at the top had no action about them and secondly there was no record of the issues registered by the people.

The new government of PTI under Prime Minister Imran Khan was too enthusiastic to let the people know that they care. In order to ensure speedy management of the problems, the government introduced the Pakistan Citizen Portal. The people were given the opportunity to register the complaints through this portal. It was directed that the problems must be resolved within minimum possible time. There were specialized sections created in the ministries and the concerned departments to answer to these issues well in time.

Unfortunately, the citizens in many parts of the country did not find the official of some departments attending to their complaints. This compelled the prime minister to take immediate action. After launching an extensive inquiry a number of officials were removed from their posts. This included the Deputy Commissioner of Dera Ghazi Khan, Gujrat, and Toba Tek Singh. Besides this 34 assistant commissioners received show cause notices too. Warning letters were issued to 20 ADC also. This shows the vigilance of the government shows that they are immensely concerned about the good of the people. It is no doubt a revolutionary step taken by any of the government.

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