Will Aiman Khan Keep Working?

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 26/04/2019)

Wedding is a beautiful relation. It is a knot of trust, confidence, and love. Getting married in an eastern society usually requires a girl to give up her dreams and live a compromising life. She has to adjust to the things that she never expected in her past days. We have seen a number of versatile artists entering into wedlock after starting their life as super hit stars. There are so many different stories in such celebrity weddings. Some of the couples continue their professional lives even after the alliance. At the same time, we have witnessed the celebrity wife leaving the profession after compromising. The worst that has happened in such couples is that if the better half has not compromised and wants to continue the career the things can go worse leading to break up. All such three kinds of conditions are seen both in the national and international media.

One of the most loved couples of current times is that of Muneb Butt and Aiman Khan. They have just entered into the wedlock in an enthralling manner. Ys long wedding had the colors of their love and passion for each other. Although Muneeb Butt is seen on the screens after the wedding but Aiman is just seen in Baandi after the wedlock. It is the play in which she is playing opposite to her heartthrob husband Muneeb Butt.

Aiman is the name of beauty and brains. Besides being a beauty she is an equally great actress. She has proved her skills as a sound actress in a number of plays. The audience wishes to see her more on the screen. Since her wedding, the question that keeps coming into the minds of her fans is whether they will be able to see her or not. There is still no official announcement from the couple’s side but we hope they both keep coming on the screen.

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