Pakistan Gifts Sialkot Made Football to Qatari Emir: Football Will be Used in FIFA 2020

Pakistan’s football is in a state of turmoil specifically die to the Pakistan Football Association that has not done much to bring football up in Pakistan. The talent is there but it has not been utilized properly to make a team that can compete at the international stage with no basic requirements available. But one thing related to football that is quite popular in Pakistan is the football itself that is made in Sialkot. The city produces the best sports good in the world which is then exported to all parts of the world. Be it cricket bats or football, the people of Sialkot have it all in their hands.

Pakistan is a leading manufacturer of football with the balls being used in the FIFA World Cups as well as in different leagues all over the world including the English Premier League. And now the football has been used as a symbol of souvenir by Pakistan when it gifted the Sialkot made football to the Qatari Emir who was on his visit to Islamabad. Minister of Information Firdous Ashiq Awan said that the visit of the Qatari Emir will strengthen the ties between the two countries and will help develop cordial relations in different fields including football.

The minister said that she also hopes that Pakistan is able to play in the 2022 FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar in which Pakistani made footballs will be used. Pakistan’s hope of playing the World Cup will be decided in October this year with Pakistan already on the verge of being knocked out of the final race. The state of football in a sorrow state in the country where Pakistan is lying at 205th position in FIFA rankings and can even go down if things remain the same in the time to come.


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